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April 5, 2020
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Brother Sewing Machine Repair

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Sewing machines by Brother are suppose to be really good, but where can I buy one?

Brother sewing machines are among the finest sewing machines in the world. While many low end models are sold over the internet or through mass merchants, the vast majority of quality machines are sold through reputable authorized sewing machine dealers. If you want quality plus expert service and support, you cannot go wrong with an authorized dealer.

Is sewing machine service available for Brother sewing machines?

Brother Sewing Machine Repairs may be performed by an official Brother sewing machine dealer. They may be done by a Brother certified independent sewing machine repair technician. Brother Sewing Machine Repairs may be completed, by a sewing machine repair technician without any Brother Sewing Machine Repairs affiliation. Or they may be made by the regional Brother Sewing Machine Repairs center.

Brother Sewing Machine Repairs are among the most common sewing machine repairs, because Brother International is one of the most popular sewing machine brands. Brother offers a line of low end sewing machines that is marketed through many mass merchants. Brother also offers a high end line of sewing machines known as the Brother Pacesetter that are sold exclusively through independent Brother sewing machine dealers.

There are many things the sewing machine user can do to prevent problems and maintain it in peak operating condition. These may be summarized by three basic words: Clean, Oil, Replace. Keep the bobbin area clean. Place one drop of pure clean sewing machine oil on the race every two to three hours. Replace needles every other project and use only quality threads.

Can I learn to do my own Brother sewing machine repair? Yes. You will be amazed just how easy and quick it can be to learn sewing machine repair of Brother sewing machines.

You might say, I cut my teeth on Brother. Maybe not literally, but I learned to repair Brothers early on and find them easier than other brands to this day. When I first started, I enrolled in their certification program and became the authorized repair center for my town.

As a certified repair center, Brother paid me directly for any warranty work I did. If the sewing machine was out of warranty, Brother owners brought it to me and paid me for my services. Everybody won. As a fringe benefit, I was able to order wholesale Brother repair parts.

After a while, my wife and I decided to open a sewing store. I initially kept doing repairs from my garage. Soon we were selling Brother sewing machines and enjoying good growth both in sales and service.

Servicing Brother Sewing Machine Repairs is very straight forward. After you complete your initial test sew assessment, you remove the sewing machine covers. In older models, the case is easily removed by removing a few screws. In newer models, many Brother sewing machines use snap together covers. You must learn the proper technique to opening these covers. It requires a firm pressure from back and front and a quick pop of the plastic as the cover unsnaps.

Your Brother sewing machine should last for many years. Keep it good working order. Maintain it well. Seek professional service when needed. Enjoy years of carefree sewing.


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