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May 15, 2020
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Diet and Acne - The Alkaline Acid Balance

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An alkaline or acidic diet has been linked to inflammation and skin appearance. A diet that creates acidity inside the body has very bad effects on the skin. The link between diet and acne has been researched in many medical studies. One of the conclusions was that an alkaline diet can help reduce acne and inflammation in general. The blood pH is around 7.1 which means that it is slightly alkaline. The body needs to keep its pH around this value. An acidic blood pH (or pH less than 7) can lead to a potentially life-threatening condition named acidosis. If the foods we ingest create too much acid ash, the body needs to remove minerals from bones and teeth in order to keep the blood pH at an optimum value. Losing these minerals can lead to acne and other health conditions that are related to a loss of essential minerals.

An alkaline diet (pH > 7) is not just about eating acidic or alkaline foods, but also about the body's ability to digest certain foods. Allergenic foods can create much more inflammation than other foods. This also depends on blood type and other particular genetic predispositions.

Synthetic medications usually leave an acidic ash behind which can create an acidity problem. This is why treating acne by using different medications is not always successful. What foods are acidic? There are some foods that can create acidity for virtually everybody. This happens because they have a very low pH. Those that suffer from acne should cut out these foods completely in order to get rid of this condition. Foods that are very acidic include: soft drinks, artificial sweeteners (especially aspartame), refined sugar, refined flour, berries, citrus fruits, milk and cheese. Sugary and salty products that contain preservatives create a lot of acidity because the body works a lot harder to process them. It is a good idea to give up all sugary and salty snacks if you suffer from acne.

An important note: the way the food is cooked can make it more alkaline or more acidic. Most cooked foods become more acidic, except tomatoes which are more alkaline when cooked. Also, meats can be acidic, but a person with a lot of stomach acid can digest them better.It is usually people with blood type O that can digest meats better than other blood types. The food that can't be properly digested can become very acidic inside the intestines and creates a number of digestive problems.

What foods are alkaline? Alkaline foods are mostly green vegetables and legumes. These green veggies are very rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, which are essential for getting rid of acne. Try to eat at least one green salad per day, or make a delicious green smoothie every morning for a perfect breakfast. Juicing is also an option to getting more nutrients at once. Other alkaline foods include: avocados, raw honey, pineapple, chestnuts, millet, quinoa, goat cheese, almonds, ginger, grapes and sweet potato. Other anti-inflammatory foods that are a must for treating acne: Omega 3 fatty acids which can be found in fatty fish such as salmons or sardines.

How to keep an ideal alkaline-acid balance? Make sure that you check out the blood type diet that outlines which foods can create issues for a certain blood type. Also, analyze your dietary history and cut out any foods that give you digestive or allergy issues. It is ideal to eat something alkalizing first thing in the morning. This is the time when your body is detoxifying the most, so something alkalizing will be very beneficial.

Avoid any stimulants such as coffee, smoking, and even condiments. Stimulants tend to create inflammation which leads to more severe blemishes. There are also natural supplements that contain anti-oxidants which can reduce inflammation and improve your skin. People that don't consume fatty fish regularly should at least supplement with a good Omega 3 brand.


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