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August 21, 2020
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How To Add The Calcium Advantage To Your Diet?

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Calcium is one very important requirement of our body and being a woman makes it doubly important for me. Right now with age by my side, I probably do not realize the problems that a diet not rich in calcium can cause. However, the other day the meeting with an aunt of mine and the problems she faced due to osteoporosis actually was an eye opener. I felt extremely bad when she explained to me the pain and the other associated problems that she faced.

After 30 , the downhill journey begins. We all have a responsibility towards ourselves, about safeguarding our own health and ensuring that the years to come are healthy. When health is gone, everything is gone. This is so very true. I realized this when I fell ill recently (just a fever but it can actually drain you) and just couldn't do even the simplest of things that I so easily do when I am fine. It is really a horrible feeling.

Coming back to including calcium in our daily diet. It is very important to do and it can be done very easily if know just how. Just a slight change in your daily menu is all you need to add that calcium advantage.

-Have a glass of milk twice a day. If you do not want unwanted calories then it is skimmed milk for you which is low calorie.

-Add to your diet green leafy vegetables, seafood like fish, oats, nuts like almonds and you will see the difference in no time. Adding calcium to your diet does not been increasing your financial burden or having to spend more time in the kitchen. Just these little changes can make all the difference. Instead of munching on your favorite high calorie potato chips you could shift to a few almonds and cater for a healthy future.

-One thing to remember is that there are certain substances that prevent calcium absorption. Iron supplements, zinc and even caffeine, play spoilsport to calcium absorption. Do not take these while you have food that contains calcium.

For strong healthy bones and teeth and a healthy future, all you need to have is a little attention to detail. Healthy is truly wealth. The sad part is that you realize its importance only when it's gone. Being a woman makes you more vulnerable, take care before it is too late. You cannot rewind life and make changes, so start today and ensure that the coming days are healthy and filled with happiness.


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