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July 7, 2020
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Don't Let Personal Injury Get the Best of You

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Life can be turned upside down when you have a personal injury. In many cases you will not be able to work at your normal job. Perhaps you have a broken wrist, arm or leg, or your neck is in a brace because you were hit from behind in a car accident.

Even if you can get yourself to work after you have been injured, you still may lose your job because you are forced to miss work too often. And then of course you may not have the financial resources to pay for the medical bills or the treatments and therapies you need. Injuries and the resulting complications also place great emotional stress on every member of your family.

Multiply all these factors by the millions of people in the world and you get a picture of how large a problem personal injury is. The ways we can be injured are almost without limit. There are automobile, boat, motorcycle, and school bus accidents. Sports injuries are also a major cause of inconvenience and include things like sprained ankles, torn ligaments, twisted knees, chipped teeth, not to mention back, neck, and spinal cord trauma.

Then there are defective products, additives to our food, toxic substances in the air, and harmful chemicals built right into the walls, ceilings and floors of our office buildings. Indeed it is amazing we can get through the day without being poisoned or overcome by debilitating allergic reactions.

Of course people also fall down stairs, slip in the shower, lose their footing on ice, tumble down embankments, fall off ladders while doing home repairs or have their fingers or toes chopped off while mowing the grass. Even with our modern preoccupation with safety there are so many ways to be injured in our normal day to day lives that it is surprising it does not happen more often.

Indeed, one of the most common places where people are injured or become incapacitated in one way or another is in care facilities such as hospitals and nursing homes. Such injuries can be caused by neglect, abuse, or simple incompetence.

How can a person who has been injured get help to put their life back together? How can someone who has been disadvantaged by injury cut through the red tape and the denials they are met with at every stage?

When push comes to shove, the best way may be to employ a personal injury attorney. These highly trained professionals will protect your rights and assist you in getting financial assistance to pay for your recovery. Your personal injury attorney will become your advocate and your friend, the person who represents your interests, and who can use the power of the law to get the compensation that is rightfully yours.

If you take this route, one concern will be the legal fees. Just remember, a personal injury lawyer's role is to make your life easier, not more difficult. So in the vast majority of cases the fees paid to a personal injury attorney will come from the settlement you receive - and not until your receive it. In any event make sure you understand what the fees will be and how the attorney will be paid. You do not want this to stand in the way of your attorney doing the best job possible.

An appropriate fee structure creates an important incentive for your personal injury lawyer to evaluate your case carefully, and present it in the best possible way. Personal injury law is complicated and you need a guide. An experienced personal injury lawyer knows all the intricacies and can present your case for compensation in the best way possible.

No matter what type of injury you sustain, it is always important to check out the extent of your injury with a medical doctor. That also means you should always keep accurate records that detail how much work and salary you have lost due to your injury. You should also keep track of other expenses such as the cost of transportation to and from your appointments or physical therapy sessions. Any medications necessary to get you through this trying time should be added in as well.

If you have been injured and you think you are due compensation from your employer or some other third party, be sure to consult a personal injury lawyer as soon after your injury as possible. If a lawsuit is to be filed it must be done fairly quickly - usually within 30 days. Generally speaking, the more you delay your claim for compensation, the less chance you have of receiving it.


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